Weekend Roundup!

We've been busy little worker bees over here, and Joe's been cranking out custom creations left and right!
I thought it would be fun to showcase some items fresh off the bench, ready to wear out the store. 

So without further ado..

We have a modern, industrial smokey quartz pendant in sterling silver. Eclectic, versatile, and elegant! We offer this pendant for $300, and are able to create similar pendants with all sorts of gemstones, if desired. 

Joe also recently created a stunning men's wedding band.
This piece is comprised of PVD coated titanium aluminum nitrate, with a 2.5 carat white sapphire tension-set in the center. The process of tension-setting requires great precision, and all of our tension-set pieces are specifically engineered based on the band and stone in use. Lightweight yet sturdy, masculine yet elegant. Not to mention the white sapphire sparkles to no end! Pictures cannot do this ring justice... but I'm posting one anyway ;) This handsome ring is available for $1,500. We can make similar rings to order as well. 

We also recently completed a "Princess Ring" for a client! Looking forward to hopefully making more of these down the road, for the royal at heart. 


The client went with a two-tone for this particular piece- 14 karat rose gold on top and 14 karat yellow gold on bottom. Our crowned jewels in this instance are diamonds (.75 carat total weight). We are able to replicate this piece in your choice of gold for $3,000.
We also offer colored stones (prices may vary!) 
Call (425)793-3730 or email info@porterjensen.com with inquiries.