Rub a dub dub your jewelry (probably) needs a scrub!

We've all been there: you acquire a piece of jewelry as a gift, an inheritance, an engagement ring, you name it, and you just never want to take it off! Fast forward a few years, it's been practically glued to you, and you hardly even think about it. While we all love our jewelry, many of us unknowingly mistreat it. There are a few basic things we can all do to increase the lifespan of our fine jewelry.

Please enjoy these tips on how to show your most treasured jewelry the love it needs!

1) Keep it clean!
Clean your own fine jewelry on a monthly basis (if you are able). 
Step 1: Mix a small amount of mild liquid dish soap into a small cup of warm water.
Step 2: Soak your fine jewelry for about half an hour. Brush with a tooth brush as needed.
Step 3: Rinse with water.
Always read the label of the soap or cleaning solution you are using prior to cleaning your own jewelry. Please note that certain delicate stones such as pearls, coral, jade, and opals should not be soaked, but you can always gently wipe the stone with a clean, soft rag, and scrub the metal with a toothbrush.
These tips do not apply to costume jewelry. When in doubt, give us a call!

2) Take it off!
Fine jewelry is absolutely meant to be worn and admired, but there is a time and place.
Everyday tasks like gardening, cooking, and cleaning trap dirt and debris inside of rings, bracelets, watches, etc, and run the risk of damage. If you prepare food with dirty jewelry on, the food will be contaminated. Wearing jewelry while playing sports or hitting the gym can do immense damage, not only to your jewelry, but also to your body. Earrings can be torn out, necklaces and bracelets can catch, rings can be crushed or pinched, the list goes on. Swimming, showering, and even sleeping can wear away at your jewelry.
Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on in the morning, and the first thing you take off, as needed. It's helpful to designate a specific place to safely store your jewelry while not in use. 
Now you may be thinking, "So where can I wear my jewelry?"
Honestly, just about anywhere! On a date, out to lunch, running errands, at work (non-manual labor), relaxing, spending time with friends, going for a walk, the list goes on!
I hope this has helped you get a grasp of when it's best to take off your jewelry. Silicone rings are also a great option if you feel uncomfortable without your wedding, engagement, or promise ring while working out, doing manual labor, etc. 
This all may seem intimidating at first, but it's just a matter of gradually building good habits over time. 

3) Let us help!
On top of keeping up on your own, we recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked annually. We offer these services for free, while you wait. 

4) Consider Insurance
Fine jewelry is an asset, and losing assets in events such as home invasions can be devastating. We have partnered with Jewelers Mutual Insurance as a part of their link program. This means we are able to directly upload or scan current appraisals for a free quote from Jeweler's Mutual, to help facilitate the protection of your assets. For insurance purposes, appraisals should be assessed for updates every 5-10 years. We offer updated appraisals for only $15, and new appraisals for $80. Discounts are available for those who wish to do multiple appraisals at once. All appraisals are done in-house by our very own G.I.A. Gemologist Josef Waldmann.