Rub a dub dub your jewelry (probably) needs a scrub!

Happy Friday, friends and followers! 

It's super easy to forget about something you wear around town every day of every week, but there are a few basic things we can all do to increase the lifespan of our fine jewelry, while keeping it looking shiny brand new.

So without further ado, please enjoy these tips on how to show your fine jewelry a little extra love!

1) Keep it clean!
Clean your own fine jewelry on a monthly basis (if you are able). We recommend creating a solution of liquid dish soap and warm water, soaking your fine jewelry in it for about a half hour, brushing with a tooth brush if needed, and rinsing with water. Always read the label of the soap or cleaning solution you are using prior to cleaning your own jewelry. Please note that certain delicate stones such as pearls, coral, and opals should not be soaked, but you can always gently wipe the stone with a clean, soft rag, and scrub the metal with a toothbrush. These tips do not apply to costume jewelry. When in doubt, give us a call!

2) Let us help!
On top of keeping up on your own, we do recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned and checked annually. We offer these services for free, while you wait. 

3) Take it off!
Every day tasks such as gardening and cooking tend to trap lots of dirt and debris inside of rings, bracelets, and watches. It's helpful to designate a place to keep your jewelry when you get home, so you can keep track of it without the risk of getting anything yucky stuck in there. Removing rings before applying lotion also helps to keep everything nice and clean! You'd be surprised how much gook can get stuck in there, and how quickly it happens. Many physical activities put you at risk for whacking and damaging your jewelry, as well. We highly recommend keeping your jewelry in a safe place if you're planning on doing a physical activity which could lead to damage or loss of your jewelry.

4) Consider Insurance
Fine jewelry is an asset, and losing assets in events such as home invasions can be absolutely devastating. We have recently partnered with Jewelers Mutual Insurance as a part of their link program. We are able to directly upload or scan current appraisals for a free quote from Jeweler's Mutual, to help facilitate the protection of your assets. For insurance purposes, appraisals should be updated every 5-10 years. We offer updated appraisals for only $15, and new appraisals for $80. Discounts are available for those who wish to do multiple appraisals at once. All appraisals are done in-house by our very own Josef Waldmann.

I hope this has been helpful, and Happy Mother's day to all you mama's out there!